Hello world!

Well, Hello again World would be a better way to start!

Hosthare.com was active 4 of 5 years ago when we still had just two plans and still cared about offering friendly, timely support to our customers.  Around that time we exited the hosting market – life changes and we needed to make the most of that opportunity.  Now, in 2017 I still see a need to offer great value hosting with friendly dedicated support.  I’ve not been away, just hosting things quietly and without fanfare.  So you get over 15 years of hosting experience, the contacts we have made to get the right hardware, software and systems at the right price!

In 2017, Hosthare.com still offers incredible value.  Don’t think we’re doing things on the cheap though – I’ve selected top end hardware, market leading control panels, easy to use billing and support and we’re updating knowledge base articles so that you can solve “How To” questions by yourself – no waiting (but we’ll jump in if you need a hand).

Oh, our affiliate program is back too – You can earn 35% of every sale, every month for as long as the referral is a paying guest here.  I think that’s a really valuable incentive to work with us to grow the client base.  It’s not hard to imagine a steady income coming in each month – and once the customer is here, you don’t have to so a single thing!

Please, get in touch if you have anything to contribute – good or bad, we want to hear from customers, potential customers and friends.